What Are the Consequences of Not Obtaining BPSS Clearance?

If a contractor fails to meet the Basic Personnel Safety Standard (BPSS), they are subject to a process known as “special measures”. This is true even if the person leaves their service but returns within a year. To obtain security authorization, a person must complete a BPSS check, but they cannot request it on their own. Only an employer can request that the BPSS checks be carried out.

The BPSS is the recognized standard for pre-employment evaluation of people with access to government assets. Security authorization will involve a police background check and will reveal all reprimands and convictions issued under these systems. Due to the increasing number of people who have access to networks connected to the Public Services Network (PSN) and government intranets (wide area networks (WAN)), BPSS authorization has become essential for contracting in government services. It's important to understand why you might not be approved for security clearance, especially since some jobs in the UK require it, including many IT jobs.

The BPSS also serves as the basis for the national security background check (NSV) and is a requirement for anyone applying for this level of authorization. BPSS certification is a legal requirement for civil servants, members of the UK armed forces and any UK government contractor. Vetting Solutions Centre has the experienced staff necessary to provide fast and accurate BPSS security authorization to your company. But what happens if you fail to obtain BPSS clearance? If you are unable to pass the security clearance process, you may be denied access to certain areas or information, or you may be denied employment altogether.

Depending on the severity of your offense, you may also face criminal charges or other legal action. In some cases, you may be able to appeal your denial of security clearance, but this is not always possible. It's important to remember that failing to obtain BPSS clearance can have serious consequences. It's important to take all necessary steps to ensure that you are able to pass the security clearance process and obtain the necessary authorization.

This includes being honest about your past and providing accurate information on your application.

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