Do I Need BPSS Clearance for Government Positions?

The BPSS (Basic Personnel Security Standard) is a requirement for people who need to work with sensitive information for government contracts or have access to important government assets. Generally, full-time employees and contractors in the communications, energy, and finance sectors must obtain BPSS authorization. This authorization is a must for anyone working in or on behalf of a government department, including contractors, public officials, and members of the armed forces. The BPSS is part of the UK's security background check (SC) and is legally required for all workers who can access sensitive information. It helps employers guarantee the reliability and integrity of their employees.

Not obtaining BPSS authorization can lead to serious consequences, such as cyber attacks, the leaking of confidential information to the press, public access to confidential patient medical records, the public disclosure of people's private financial data, and the creation of criminals. Sometimes, one of the four components of RICE (Recruitment, Induction, Contracting, and Employment) may be considered unsatisfactory or there may be a legitimate concern on the part of an employee that prevents them from obtaining authorization from the BPSS. The BPSS is also a fundamental part of the British Anti-Terrorism Control System (CTC), Security Authorization (SC), and United Kingdom's developed background investigation (DV) procedures. Decisions about background screening authorizations for national security reasons will always be made by the department (or police force) that requires the authorization. The government has made BPSS approval checks mandatory for important government positions for good reason. You can recommend that the decision to deny or withdraw security authorization be maintained, or that security authorization be granted or restored. BPSS authorization mitigates the risks associated with employment in roles where sensitive data predominates.

Current employees who are subject to a national security background check and who are denied security authorization or whose authorization is withdrawn can appeal against such decisions. To adopt a robust and effective approach to selection, a BPSS authorization or a simulated approach could be an essential part of the background screening process to mitigate risks and determine if the person you are hiring is suitable for the position. BPSS authorization would not be appropriate for a person whose position requires access to a comprehensive secret plan, project, or policy. Jobs that show a level of security authorization will require the applicant to indicate that level of security or to be willing to submit to a security authorization. BPSS authorization information can be transferred to a new employer when an employee changes jobs. The “basic” DBS verification ensures the suitability of applicants for certain accountability functions and contains information on unpaid and unexecuted sentences, in addition to being the starting point of the BPSS approval process for applicants.

Consequently, if the authorization of the BPSS still cannot be granted, the offer of employment will be withdrawn.

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