Is security clearance the same as dbs?

Security authorization will involve a verification of police records, and this will reveal all the warnings and convictions that are imposed on these systems. Note: The DBS filtering process does not apply. A DBS (Disclosure and Prohibition Service) verification is not the same thing as a BPSS (Baseline Personnel Safety Standard) verification. Both are forms of background checks, mainly carried out before a candidate fills a job vacancy, or a voluntary position, in an organization.

We hope that this breakdown of authorizations will allow you to better understand what security authorizations are required and for what type of functions they will be used. When reliability is the main concern, a verification of the status of access to the site is carried out (similar to the status of reliability, a standard control); when loyalty to Canada is the main concern, an authorization is required to access the site (similar to a secret authorization control). When applying for a job, candidates may need to request a DBS check or a BPSS security check. The BPSS is not a security authorization, but rather the minimum background check used for positions where one would work in or for government departments.

Controlled without classification does not represent an authorization designation, but rather a level of authorization at which the distribution of information is controlled. A security authorization is granted to a person and usually recognizes a maximum level of authorization. Jobs that show a level of security clearance will require the applicant to have that level of security or to be willing to submit to a security clearance. The objective of the BPSS security authorization is to protect government information and assets while minimizing national security risks.

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