Can Individuals with Criminal Records Obtain BPSS Clearance?

The Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) verification is a UK background check that was created to help reduce the risk of illegal workers and combat identity fraud. It is a legal requirement for public officials, members of the UK armed forces, and any UK government contractor who has access to government assets. The BPSS check consists of four elements and the applicant must pass all of them. The controls are based on a RICE framework (right to work, identity, criminal record and work history).At a high level, the authorization of the BPSS serves to strengthen and maintain national security by protecting the nation and its citizens from undesirable threats that could endanger law and order and the general welfare.

The main objective of the authorization of the BPSS is to act as a sensible and precautionary measure aimed at “confirming the identity of individuals (employees and contractors) and providing a level of assurance as to their reliability, integrity and reliability.Vetting Solutions Centre has the experienced staff necessary to provide fast and accurate BPSS security authorization to your company. To adopt a robust and effective approach to selection, a BPSS authorization or a parallel approach could be an essential part of the background screening process to mitigate risks and to know if the person you are hiring is suitable for the position. Ultimately, however, at the macroeconomic level, BPSS authorizations also aim to strengthen and protect national security, protecting the country and the community against adverse hazards that may affect order and well-being.

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