How long does a secret clearance take to process?

Secrecy is a mid-level authorization, so the schedule usually ranges from confidential to top secret. However, while 60 to 120 days are normal, that doesn't mean that some security authorizations won't take longer. The process can take more than 120 days for a variety of reasons, which we will discuss below. I submitted my eQiP on July 12th and was denied the extension two weeks later, on July 24th.

I was told that it takes 4 to 6 weeks for them to notify me about the interim period. My security agent said it could take at least 6 months before I was notified of the existence of total secrecy, but I've read that it can be faster than that. I've also read here that some applicants had to wait 10 months or a whole year to find out something. The FBI's goal is to complete the processing of secret security clearances within 45 to 60 days, once the full application is submitted.

The processing time for each individual case will vary depending on its complexity. This brochure describes when security authorizations are necessary and the notable differences between authorization levels. Some problems may not prevent you from receiving a security authorization, but they can lengthen the time needed to complete the authorization process. Once it is determined that a service member needs a security clearance to carry out a mission or job, they are instructed to complete a background investigation questionnaire on the security clearance.

Interim authorizations are granted in exceptional circumstances in which official functions must be performed before the investigation and award processes associated with the security authorization procedure are completed.

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