How often are secret clearances renewed?

The date the last background investigation was closed determines when a new periodic investigation must be submitted. The security authorizations on page 2 2 of top secret must be re-investigated periodically every 5 years and the secret security authorizations must be re-investigated periodically every 10 years. We have been discussing the possibility of moving to eApp for more than five years, but although the idea has been under consideration for some time, the DCSA has just reached the point where it has the necessary technology to facilitate the transition to this much better and more intuitive online security authorization application. It is also important to have a better electronic application, as security clearance holders are asked to submit a new SF-86 every five years in the form of a curriculum.

While the new information will not necessarily trigger an automated investigation, it will be used to update outdated information about authorized professionals that would not otherwise appear. Improving the digital capture of that data is good news for anyone with an authorization. A security authorization allows a person occupying a specific position to have access to classified national security information, up to the level of authorization available to them, as long as the person has a “need to know the information” and has signed a confidentiality agreement. Congratulations: If you have a federal security authorization, you are now enrolled in a Trusted Workforce 1.5 solution that includes the verification of seven specific criteria in order to obtain continuous authorization.

Ongoing research will eventually replace periodic reinvestigations, which are carried out every 10 years for employees with secret authorization and five years for those with top secret authorization.

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