What does clearance vetting mean?

Candidates for government security clearance are screened to ensure they don't have an irregular past. An attorney examines a contract to find any possible inconvenience in the fine print. These are just a few examples of background research. Rehabilitation in the context of continuing research involves early identification and participation.

It means not letting the authorization holder have to guess what the government needs them to do to solve the problem. It means giving them the opportunity to act responsibly from the start and with the help of assistance programs. Ongoing research will eventually replace periodic reinvestigations, which are carried out every 10 years for employees with secret authorization and five years for those with top secret authorization. The security authorization process involves application documentation, interviews, and extensive background research to generally evaluate suitability, reliability, character, conduct, and loyalty to the United States, depending on the type of authorization that is requested.

Whether you're applying for a position that requires authorization or updating an existing authorization, the approval process can be exhaustive and lengthy.

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