What Happens When Job Duties Change After Obtaining BPSS Clearance?

Once a person has obtained a BPSS verification record, it can be stored in their personal file and is transferable. This is beneficial for those transitioning to a new employer or government entity. However, the individual cannot request control on their own - only an employer can request that the BPSS checks be conducted. Similarly to how standard and improved DBS controls are requested and conducted, there must be a request from the employer.

If you had a DV authorization level, it will be reduced when you leave the SC level for 12 months from the end date, and then it will expire completely and the authorization process will have to start over to obtain a new authorization. The SC authorization will expire again 12 months after you left the position you were originally for and, again, you will have to complete the process again. Due to the increasing number of people who have access to networks connected to the Public Services Network (PSN) and to government intranets (wide area networks (WAN)), obtaining BPSS authorization has become essential for contracting government services. The BPSS also serves as the basis for national security (NSV) background checks and is a requirement for anyone applying for this level of authorization.

Jobs that demonstrate a level of security authorization will require the applicant to indicate that level of security or to be willing to submit to a security authorization.

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