What happens if your security clearance gets revoked?

You can re-request a security authorization through your employer if you need access to classified information. You will need to submit documentation showing that the circumstances or conditions that gave rise to the denial or revocation have been sufficiently rectified or mitigated to allow for reconsideration. Drug use has always been the most common reason for the revocation or denial of a security authorization. Since the 1980s, the federal government has implemented a policy of “zero tolerance for drug use” in the workplace, despite the legalization of some drugs in several states.

Now I need a new authorization, but it took 3 years to get approved. The incident occurred about 9-10 years ago. I haven't had problems like that since then. So, is there a possibility that my authorization will continue to be denied because of this incident?He has represented numerous clients in security authorization revocation procedures and has a proven track record of saving clients' jobs, as well as anticipating and resolving potential future problems with their security authorizations.

With the support of a federal security clearance appeals attorney, you have a better chance of recovering security clearances and keeping your job. When responding to a notification of intent to deny or revoke a security authorization or to a related proposal for an indefinite suspension of your work, you should consult an attorney specializing in security clearance appeals or their legal guidance and opinion during the appeal process. Many people who reapply for a security authorization simply submit a new application, but while they've been waiting to reapply, they haven't taken any steps to mitigate the concerns that led to the denial or revocation. We can represent you to respond to the notification of intent to deny or revoke your security authorization and represent you at your personal appearance to do our best to maintain your authorization.

Most federal employees will be able to appeal to their agency's security clearance appeals board to suspend or revoke their security authorization before their agency's security clearance appeals board. We can represent you at every stage of the security authorization process and will do our best to gather evidence to show that you are worthy of a security authorization. Once the request for security authorization is processed, an agency will review the reasons why a person's authorization was previously denied or revoked. In some cases, if you are an employee of a Department of Defense government contractor, DOHA will notify the sponsoring company that the applicant's previous authorization was denied or revoked, and the applicant must provide mitigating evidence that the reasons that previously caused the denial or revocation of the applicant's security authorization have been sufficiently resolved or mitigated.

Federal employees should expect to receive a proposal for indefinite suspension of their federal employment without pay if their security authorization is suspended or if they receive a notice of intent to deny or revoke their security authorization. To obtain a security authorization, you must first obtain sponsorship, and the sponsoring company or organization must initially submit the new application for a security authorization. Therefore, preparing immediately or even during a prior denial or revocation process can make the difference between obtaining a security authorization and being forced to wait another year or more to finally resolve issues related to security authorization.

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