What is the hardest security clearance to get?

The process of obtaining a top secret authorization involves extensive background research. Confidential and secret investigations are exhaustive, but the top-secret version is the most intensive. Security clearance is a requirement for many U.S. federal positions.

UU. This is a guide to the different types and how to obtain authorization. A security authorization is an official authorization from the federal government that indicates that you are qualified or “authorized” to handle confidential or classified information. Federal agencies handle all types of sensitive data, which means they need their employees to be thoroughly vetted and trustworthy. For that reason, it is essential to have a security authorization.

Typically, this authorization is granted only after rigorous SSBI and award processes, and only in compartments with their own specific requirements and authorizations. That's why information verified through automated systems in a secret authorization investigation is more likely to trigger a problem in a top-secret security authorization investigation. Provisional authorization allows you to perform your job duties before a final decision is made on your security authorization. For each level of authorization, the research process would resume; the authorization levels are not necessarily based on each other.

On average, security clearance can generate a salary increase of 10 to 20 percent, although this figure varies depending on the level of security clearance, function and government agency. Contrary to popular belief, the criteria for obtaining a top-secret security authorization are exactly the same as for obtaining a secret authorization. Today, once your authorization is final, you will be subject to ongoing evaluation and verification, and the awarding agency will determine if you meet the requirements to keep your authorization through daily interactions. Whether you're applying for a confidential authorization or a top-secret security clearance, you'll need to complete the SF-86, cooperate with researchers during the investigation, and be trustworthy: that's the path to obtaining a senior authorization position secret.

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