What is the Purpose of BPSS Clearance? A Comprehensive Guide

Verifying people's identity, work history, and references is essential for protecting government assets and information. This is why the Basic Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) authorization process exists. It is a prerequisite for anyone working in or on behalf of a government department, including contractors, public officials, and members of the armed forces. The main purpose of BPSS checks is to confirm the identity of employees applying to work in those departments.

Those who pass the security checks are considered trustworthy and fit to manage sensitive government information. If an employee moves to another company, their new employer may accept the current authorization from the BPSS. At a macroeconomic level, BPSS authorizations also aim to strengthen and protect national security, safeguarding the country and its citizens from potential hazards that could disrupt order and well-being. It is important for employers to familiarize themselves with specific authorization requirements for the BPSS. If authorization cannot be granted, then the job offer will be withdrawn.

It is also worth noting that an authorization from the BPSS would not be suitable for a person holding a position where they can get a complete overview of a SECRET plan, policy, or project. The BPSS also serves as the basis for national security background (NSV) research and is a requirement for anyone applying for this level of authorization. However, it is important to note that the specific requirements and processes for obtaining BPSS authorization vary by government departments, agencies, and organizations. Due to the growing number of people with access to networks connected to the Public Services Network (PSN), as well as to government intranets (Wide Area Networks, WAN), the authorization of the BPSS has become essential for contracting government services. The main objective of this authorization process is to act as a sensible and precautionary measure aimed at “confirming the identity of individuals (employees and contractors) and providing a level of assurance as to their reliability, integrity and reliability” according to the HMG BPSS guide.

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